Our difference

The story of Caridul begins in the mid-sixties. Thanks to the continuous effort, innovation and constant work, Caridul has become one of the most important companies in the production of watermelons and melons so that our customers get a product full of flavor, sweetness and quality.

The Aguilar Maestre family was a pioneer in research, analysis and development in their own fields of cultivation, launching the first harvests of these fruits to the market, achieving a resounding success in the commercialization of products such as melon-skin toad and different varieties of watermelon.

After this experience, they did not hesitate to focus all their efforts on the creation of a product of the highest quality. With a continued work and without losing sight of the fact that the sale of watermelons and the sale of melons were two key objectives, they expanded the fields of cultivation from Aldea Quintana, the native place of the founders.

Córdoba, Málaga, Murcia, La Mancha and Almería represent the most important production and innovation centers for Caridul with a common denominator: quality. Under a strict protocol of traceability, millions of melons and watermelons are produced and distributed not only throughout the national territory, but outside our borders.