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The trust that thousands of clients place in our company is directly proportional to our commitment to produce the best melons and watermelons. Quality, health and the customer’s full satisfaction are our mission and our understanding of this profession.

In Caridul we always work with different varieties of melon and watermelon and, as we know that each of them has its own features according to weather, temperature, geographic area and above all, optimum point of ripeness; we have a team of expert cutters that select the best varieties in each area and the most appropriate time to harvest the products with the seal of Caridul.


High-quality melon, selected one by one by our expert team. They are masters in choosing the best seeds, in selecting the most adequate field for your crop, in studying the most suitable conditions, in deciding the ideal time for harvesting, etc. Knowledge and experience reflects that unique texture and flavour.


A grand reserve melon. The king of melons. The same one that comes to our mind when we think about a good melon, reviving our childhood memory we can feel in our mouth that sweetness of real melons. Syrup on the palate that transports us to a time in which effort of working hard in the field from dusk to dawn had this sweet reward. In Caridul we still work as old times, conscientiously, in order to maintain traditional melon’s flavour.


The favourite of greengrocers, which are the ones who really know customers, those who speak with them, who know what do they want and try to have the best products in order to satisfy them. A watermelon with very few seeds, selected and harvested one by one by our specialists, always at the optimum point of ripeness.


The classical watermelon, grown with the latest techniques but without losing the essence of the natural. Environmentally-friendly. Seedless or seeded watermelon, depending on the consumer’s preference. We do our best in order that customers enjoy at their table of things well done.

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